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    Dreamweaver ZXP Extensions will install in AEM CS6 but not in AEM CC


      The ZXP Extensions install just fine in AEM CS6 but when I go to install in CC I get the Error Below. I have uninstalled CS6 Suite Completely and 'removed preferences', then fresh installed the latest version of AEM CC but still get the error. I reinstalled AEM CS6 & Dreamweaver CS6 and, to test the integrity of the file, installed the ZXP files just fine. I've also turned off the preferences too (in AEM CC) and still the same error. HELP! Would love to use Dreamweaver CC but can't get any of my extensions to install! OS = Windows 8.1, All Software is the Latest most up-to-date versions.

      AEM CC Error.png

      AEM CC Preferences.png