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    Flex in struts

      i want to implement flex application in struts.i want to know the architecture to implement the flex application in struts.in the normal struts application we will be using jsp pages .in the jsp page we will be giving the form action as some as<html:form action="Welcome.do">.while in mxml how we redirect the mxml page to the struts config xml(need a tag for redirecting to the struts. config.xml).
      in struts config xml we forward path we should give the name of the mxml file like<forward path="Sample.mxml">
      is it correct and wat are the options available in it and i need a detailed explained from this regards

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          jvroom Level 1
          So it sounds like you are building an application which mixes struts logic with flex logic - one page is rendered entirely in JSP with struts, but when you click a button you want to go to an MXML page and then at some point go back again?

          The important thing to keep in mind here is that each MXML page first compiles the MXML file into a SWF file, then simply renders as an HTML page which has an Object tag which refers to the compiled SWF file. So if you are mixing HTML and Flash, you simply need to take that snippet of HTML and put it into your JSP page and arrange to have your SWF compiled. You can compile MXML files with the "mxmlc" compiler via an "ant" task for example.

          Struts (and your browser) would only need to see requests for JSP pages. One or more of these pages could contain regions which are implemented in Flash. I think it is also possible for a button in Flash to reload the page it is defined in if that would help.... I'm not sure how it is done but you could do it via the ExternalInterface api in flash.

          Does this answer your question?