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    Open CS5 documents in InDesign CC

    jeremiah-swanson Level 1

      When opening InDesign CS5 files in InDesign CC it is opening up as "converted" and forcing us to "Save As". Is there an easy way to forcibly overwrite the document instead of save as?


      We're having the same problem with InDesign server scripts failing because if ID server CC opens a CS5 file it will not forcibly save as CC and will throw an error.


      This is a problem for us because we need do not want our users manually going in and trying to find the right path to save their documents as they're all stored on a network share.

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          HeyMikey Level 3

          Simply try saving with the same name. It will effectively over-write your file as you want. The "[converted]" I find this to be a courtesy to let you know at a glance that you're working on an older version document. As far as the path issue, I can't answer that, as I use a third party program which, with a single keystroke, takes me to the original folder the files resides in. It's called Default Folder, and I've found it indispensable since 1999. Try it, you'll love it. It's from St. Claire Software.




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            jeremiah-swanson Level 1

            Thanks for the response! I know we can save it back to the same path with the same name, I just didn't know if there was an easy way that we could do it without the dialog box. I might just have to come up with a script to use for it.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              A word to the wise is DON'T overwrite the older version. It's your only backup when things go bad. Direct conversion of lagacy files usually works, but sometimes it ends in disaster after hours, or even days of editing. Export the original from it's original program to .idml and open that for conversion inthe new version, then save with a new name.

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                beZartan Level 1

                is there no other way around this? I am having the same issue. Normally save as... keeps the file path, but when its a converted file the path is not kept, so i have to search the server for the original file. Ordinarly this is only a minor issue, but when working with thousands of files this can be a little bit of a pain. (and theres no way i am exporting 20,000 idml files lol)

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                  jeremiah-swanson Level 1

                  We've found no easy way to go about this either.


                  Our solution will be pretty specific to our environment, but we are going to use an in-house workflow system that will require the ad to be converted before it is opened. We will accomplish this by first backing up the document, executing a script on our InDesign CC server that will open the document and save it under the same path, essentially converting it.