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    Is there an advantage to keeping old 1GB Geforce GT 240 installed with new 4 GB Geforce GTX 770?


      I'm getting a new system next week.


      Intel i7 4930k processor

      Asus Sabertooth X79 mobo

      Samsung 840 Pro 250gb SSD for OS and apps

      Getting a 2nd 128 gb SSD from microcenter for the cache.

      Keeping my 2TB 7200 rpm Hitachi assets harddrive (stock footage, stock audio, 3d models, 3d characters, etc.)

      Keeping my 1TB 7200 rpm Hitachi video project drive (may run in RAID with old 1TB cache drive)

      650 W PSU

      Corsair Hydro H75

      And I have a Blu Ray burner as well...


      I run a triple 23" LED screen setup.


      I'm getting into a lot of heavy CGI and Visual FX work for upcoming projects.  Is there any benefit to keeping the Geforce GT 240 installed for the extra 1 GB of GPU?  Or will it cause a bottleneck somewhere?


      If there is a benefit, is 650W enough for both cards being that the recommended for the GTX 770 alone is 600W I believe?