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    Remote Service Authentication Problem


      We are using LiveCycle server through Workspace over the Internet. When a document is opened for review, we frequently experience a recurring pop-up window called 'remote service authentication' which prompts for credentials after having logged in to Workspace. Sometimes this occurs at the beginning of a session and others it can happen after having been in for awhile and working on several documents.




      If credentials are not accepted on the first try, it invariably keeps coming back and does not allow work to continue in the system (i.e.) no further comments can be published or retrieved. The workaround is to close LC, end the adobecollabsync.exe process via task manager and reset the browser cache. This is a significant source of frustration for our users.


      We are wondering if this is due to a webdav sensitivity setting (polling perhaps) or something else that might be susceptible to network ebbs and flows.



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          ~Sid~ Level 2

          This window signifies that your PDF is trying to connect with the comments repository.

          So it is bound to pop up , almost everytime you open the PDF.


          However if you accidently make a typo while entering comments, this window will keep re appearing, even if you enter the right credential in successive attempts.

          The only workaround is to kill the collabSync service.


          however try the latest version of Acrobat / reader i.e. 11.0.6, i believe the problem is fixed there.