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    make rectangle photo have rounded corners?

    WestSide Level 1

      I have two banners I am using in my site. They are currently rectangles about 900 px wide. I would like to somehow crop or do something to get the corners rounded but not feather/faded/or blurred. I would like to just put a thin border around the photo so it looks clean but have the corner rounded.


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          pixlor Level 4
          Make a rounded-corner rectangle the size you want with the corner radius you like.
          Duplicate it and put the copy on a new layer.

          Make the first one with white fill and no stroke. Select your banner and the rectangle, then
          Modify > Mask > Group as Mask.
          Think of masks like stencils...white shows everything, black shows nothing, intermediate colors show by luminance.

          On the copy or your rounded rectangle, set the fill to none and the stroke to the border thickness and color you'd like. Since it's a copy of the shape you used to mask with, the border will match up exactly.