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    Flash player 12 is installed on win7, but not recognized by IE9 or Firefox26 as a plug-in


      I have several windows 7 pcs that have Flash 12 installed (can see them in list of programs in control panel). Flash was working fine until last version 11. Now even though Windows shows Flash 12 as installed, IR9 and Firefox 26 don't see it. I don't see a Shockwave Player add-on to enable or disable in either browser. When I go to the Adobe test flash web page, it shows that flash is not installed, but recognizes my browser and OS fine. I updated my display drivers per forum suggestions but of course not helpful in this case. I used an MSI installer from Adobe to try to rule out permissions as a problem, but same issue.


      I went through all the help documentation already available, but don't pretain to my situation since I am not getting any error messages. What makes it even crazier is that a few of the machines on my network have Flash working just fine. They are identical in hardware and software as the ones with Flash not working. I am at a dead end. Any new suggestions would be appreciated.