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    Premature 'submit' when required checkboxes are checked

    EF Jebbia

      I have a lengthy registration form that has three 'required' checkboxes on the second to last page of the form (checkboxes that say something like 'did you read the terms').  When testing the form, I can enter data into the various fields on pages leading up to this second to last page (with the checkboxes).  I can save the form at various stages and retrieval is fine.  When I check the required checkboxes and try to save the form, it indicates that it is saved but when I try to retrieve it, I get a message that the form has been completed and cannot be retrieved (even when I did not hit the submit button on the last page).  Obviously, if someone incompletely fills out the form, checks the checkboxes and expects to save the form for later retrieval, AND CAN'T, they would be extremely unhappy.


      I can send the URL to the form if desired (only testing it at this stage).  Thanks.