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    sumary report chart colours


      is there a way to change the chart colours in the summary report. The default colours that are assigned to the selection, are not very intuitive. If you had a question that gave a range of five possible answers ranging from poor to excellent, the colours sequence that is applied is blue, purple, orange, red, green.

      could the author be permitted to change the colour scheme, with a colour pick tool or something.

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          plee1388 Adobe Employee



          Thanks for asking.  FormsCentrel is not support this currently.





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            asm1210 Level 1

            Thank you for taking the time to tell me something I already know, I have submitted it as a future feature request, but it was not included, I guess it was rejected as a not good enough feature request to be worthy of a vote.

            Could you at least consider the way the colours are assigned automatically, so they at least run in some sort of logical order. I understand that there has to be a vivid difference to highlight the field rsponses, but it just looks wrong. When the responses run from '1-Good' to '5-Bad' for example; Good would be Blue, and Bad would be Green, I would think 1-Good would be GREEN and 5-Bad would be RED, Or is it just me?

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              brian.filipiak Level 2

              The software doesn't know what the items are that it is graphing - good vs. bad, age ranges, days of the week, etc. It doesn't know or understand the concepts being selected in the form, only that a choice has been made.


              Instead, modifying the form to match the color palette would be a way to handle it.