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    Upgrading my MAC


      What upgrade should I make to insure that my plug in and adobe programs that are CR5 time frame still work and I don't  have a loss of compatibility?  I am referring to Mountain Lion Or Maverick

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          Mike M Level 6

          When I got my Mini it had Mt.Lion (10.8.3). I installed CS5.1 and CS6 and both have worked fine since then. I installed Mavericks the morning it was made available, and ther than having to install Java6 to get ANY Creative Suite app to open, I had no problems going to 10.9. I use EyeCandy 7, and OnOne Perfect Photo Suite 8, and I had to upgrade from EyeCandy 6 to 7 with Mt.Lion since the version I had (5) was from back when I had my MBP with Snow Leopard, and it simply wouldn't run.

          Apart from maxing out RAM, I wouldn't have any recommendations.