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    can't get rid of a scollbar with my edge animation on Firefox

    drotar Level 1

      hi, am using edge 2.01 with my mac. i am working on a site for   http://www.twosons.com/gallery.html   i have a piece of edge animation on the gallery page which reads  DIRECTORS REEL 310.200.1400 right underneath the video buttons. on safari it works perfectly. on firefox however i have a scrollbar appearing. i've checked the animation and it is 360wide X130 height and scripted it to be responsive.


      any idea on how i can lose this scrollbar on Firefox. i am already using


      .throwOn {

                position: absolute;

         background-color: rgba(0,0,0,.0);


                margin-top: 400px;

                height: 65px;

                /*border-top: 15px solid rgba(255,255,255,.3);

                border-bottom: 15px solid rgba(255,255,255,.3);*/

                margin-left: 170px;

                overflow: hidden;




      in my css. any other ideas?