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    Button & Scroll Bar Help

    Stevo_Kenevo Level 1
      I am making a website in flash and need some help with the actionscript,
      Firstly I have coded the drop down menu, its a little buggy but the main problem with it is the buttons will only work if its a get URL command rather than go to and stop.

      Secondly, I need some help coding the scroll bar if someone wouldn't mind offering a bit of help with that. I have just under 4 days to get this finished, it’s for my final major project in college, and would you believe it our technician broke FLASH so I can't get help form my tutors.

      If some one could help I would be extremely grateful, thanks.

      Oh and here is a link to the flash file so you can have a look at the coding.
      Also here is the publish bit so far so you can see what im going on about.