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    DataMerge MERGE-NCY!


      Feebly contributing here a time-involved clue as to what must have technically mishappened @ Adobe ID CC between 13:00 Sunday, 01-26-14 and CS6 12:00 Monday, 01-27-14, where DataMerge previously performed magically in CC.


      This is a serious consideration for beloved Adobe CC DataMege dependents, 'cause now all we suggest do to solve this problem is to convert thousands of .INDD CC files backthrough .IDML to CS6 to make our client's vital program possibly work every week...as another contributor suggesively to do so with his possible work around?


      Is the solution Adobe now working upon???

      If not, the threat is our client cannot efficiently perform our offerings for very long to stay in his business without providing adobe/our support!!!


      And where does leave us?

      Still in ecstacity, providing so much for earning a good living..