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    Changing animation frame rate when rendering in photoshop does not change the length of the video?


      I made a walk cycle animation in Photoshop CS6 and want to render it into a quicktime format. I'd like it to be 12 fps, but when I rendered it at 12 fps the video seemed to be missing frames, and the video was 3 seconds long. I have 98 frames to my animation; doing the math, at 12 fps it should be 8 seconds long. Not 3.


      I was confused and for curiosity's sake I rendered the video at 6 fps, trying to really slow it down. The video ended up being STILL 3 seconds long and only maybe 20 frames. I was missing literally 70 frames. I'm so upset with this rendering thing, I could chuck my computer at the wall.


      Does anybody know of a solution to this?


      edit: If it means anything, I've tried rendering it straight from the frame view and the timeline view. Each time I render it I have the timeline frame rate match the rendering frame rate as well.