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    Adobe reader for PC using Sony PRS T3--Can not sign in/read books


      I bought a Sony PRS T3 that uses Adobe reader for PC(Available from https://ebookstore.sony.com/download)to download pdf books. First to set it up, I installed the software and plugged in the reader. Then I was presented with this screen. Remember I have signed up for two accounts--One sony's e reader store and one adobe account. First I use the sony reader store account as asked:




      I use my own email obviously, and then I am presented with a second screen on top of the existing log in screen. I use my Adobe Account here:





      After that, I am looped by the same pop up again and again and this keeps on happening despite me putting the right password AND checking the credentials to see if they work on adobe's site(yes they do). I am presented with no errors, just that login pop up again and again:




      Please help me solve this problem and the sad part is I am already past the 30 day refund period and I opened the reader today. Thanks in advance.