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    Suitcase Fusion fonts suddenly inaccessible

    JoyceOdell Level 1

      I installed an update to InDesign a week or so ago. The problem didn't show up until this evening. I've been using InDesign daily for the past week, and I certainly didn't do anything between this morning and this evening which would change the way the program works.


      Suddenly fonts in use do not show up in my font menu, do not show up in the program at all. I look in the font menu and at the top there is suddenly a button with buttons to apply a favorites filter, a button to apply a Typekit filter and a button to add fonts  from Typekit (I do not run Typekit).


      And the fonts which I have running through Suitcase Fusion are no longer in my menu nor do they show up in the Find Font dialogue.


      The fonts are running. They show up in Photoshop CS6 just fine. Suddenly they are missing in action in InDesign CC. I am not a happy camper.


      Who do I have to kill to get my fonts back in service. I have commissions to produce.