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    Matching up between pdf and indesign

    Ashley Eun Cho

      How can I match up a table chart in an indesin file with the one in the pdf to check if there's any error on the indesign one?

      (which would be like proofreading done by a computer)


      The design of each table chart is totally different from each other; the pdf file is actually extracted from a excel file.


      I came across this problem while doing an artwork for a brochure.

      I had a specificaton table chart for the product in an excel file and I made an indesign file based on it,

      but because the proofreading was done by a 'human' not a computer, there were several errors unfound until printing thousands of it.

      And I had to print the whole brochure again.


      So I thought if there is a function that can match up between the two,

      there won't be any problems or mistakes like this afterwards.


      Does this kind of function exist? or would there be an alternative solution?