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      Well i'm creating an educational CD using Director Mx about Math. I've come to end where i need to incorporate complex equations in my Texts but i can do it. I've searched the web and i've found Mathml that is a kind of Xml but for Math. With that it's possible to create web pages with complex math contents.
      What i want i to do it for Director but using the html for Text areas doesn't work for this kind of tags and i want to avoid the use of pictures for that equations.

      Any help is welcome :)

      BTw the program i use to create those equations is Scientific Workplace....
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          Director's HTML handling abilities in text members is a bit lacking.
          There are quite a few tags that are ignored. As you've seen. There are
          a few xtras, like WebXtra from Tabuleiro, that can render any HTML into
          a Director sprite. There is also a free (windows only) way to do it
          using the "Microsoft Web Browser" ActiveX control.
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            alamatula Level 1
            Well i haven't tried those Xtras but i'll give it a shot and see if it meet my demands.
            Thnks for the quick answer.