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      My desktop crashed with my photoshop on it.  I called support to help me put Photoshop 5.1 Windows on my laptop. The tech I talked to sent me 3 links by email. The first was to the site for Adobe Photoshop Elements and the other two were downloads for phototshop. They would not download. This morning I went into microsoft and used information to open exe file and downloaded that that.  I went back to links on email.  I opened up the Photoshop Elements page, then clicked on the next link the tech sent me and it is downloading now.When that one finishes I have another link to download. My question----Do I need to download the link on the photoshop elements page also?  It was my understanding from tech that I did not, that I just had to have that page open while downloading the other two file links. Doesn't make sense to me but wanted to check to make sure I did not misunderstand something.