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    Can't make a restart action for my animation


      How do you I restart an animation that composed of 2 symbols with a lot of looped nested symbols in each of them.

      See a screen shot of my time line as reference. The 2 symbols in question are green.

      Capture d’écran 2014-02-01 à 10.53.15.png

      The animation goes as follows:


      I have the 1st symbol playing automatically as a loop.

      I have put stop at frame 0 of the time line so that it doesnt go to the next symbol, but just keeps playing as a loop.


      A clik action triggers the next animation:


      -After the click I will go to the time line label "animation", and the 2nd symbol will play. It will fade in on the top of the 1st symbol, and start playing as a loop too.


      Every thing is ok at this point. But now I want to create a restart action.

      I've created a button with:




      But it doesnt go back to my first animation. It actually doesnt do anything and my second animation keeps playing.

      Does someone have an idea of what I should to completely go back to the start of my animation. Exactely like what would happen if I was doing a refresh on my navigator, but without the "refresh".


      I really hope someone can orient me in the right direction!


      Thanks a lot,