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    My recent update stops every 7 seconds, why?


      I recently updated my Flash Player to V 12.0.38 in MS IE 11 on WIN7 64-bit.  Now it stops every 7 seconds.


      I have followed some 30 recommendations found on the Adbe website, but none of them had any impact.

      Can anyone help me to get this corrected?


      (Also I cannot find the stand alone player on my PC.  It seems to be only in MS IE.  Where is it?  Is that a related probem?)

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          Mike M Level 6

          IE11 is a "rolling train wreck".  I had it in an 8.1 test machine which I have now formatted and cleared out for something better.  Seriosuly, you're better off going back to IE10 with Win 7. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/318378


          The standalone player is here: Flash Player 12 Projector


          NOTE: The standalone is NOT an installer. You copy it DIRECTLY to your Program Files (x86) folder and run it from there. It doesn't use or share any files from the ActiveX plug-in for IE.

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            Thewebsun Level 1

            Hi Mike M. 
            Thanks for your comments. 


            However, while I could uninstall IE 11, I could download but NOT REINSTALL IE 10.  The message says:  "Already installed", but I can't find it!

            The MS kb did not say anything about that!

            Do you know what to do?


            (Yes, the standalone flash player works!  Thanks!)

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              Thewebsun Level 1

              After I uninstalled IE 11, I could not reinstall IE 10 NOR could I reinstall  IE 11.
              It would tell me that it was already insatlled while it was nowhere to find.  I could not find it by search.   To get my IE 11 back I had to do a systems restore, which took about 1 hour!  (Very scary)  but thereafter EI 11 was working and so was the flash player.  Not just in IE, but also in Firefox and Chrome where it did not work before either.  It seems that all these search engines are drawing from the original EI.

              Conclusion:  The problem was caused by a corrupted IE 11  and updating and repairing EI 11 are almost impossible tasks!   MS  KB is not much help here.

              I was lucky to use Systems Restore and had the patience to wait it out!

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                davidcash Level 1



                I thank you for your thoughts on IE 11, and personally believe that IE 11 is the worst upgrade Microsoft has made available to date. Unfortunately rolling back from IE 11 to 10 does not always work.  After repeated attempts, I too found it necessary to use System Restore to regain use of my Internet Explorer as a browser.  Subsequently I have spent a fair amount of time reading Q&As at Answers.microsoft.com, and have discovered that a standard procedure  for resolving Thewebsun's dilemma goes like this:


                • first (a) deselect the automatic update checkbox in the About Internet Explorer and (b) also ascertain that Microsoft must obtain your permission in Control Panel | System & Security | Windows Update | change settings before applying any updates
                • next run the Windows Update; and if Internet Explorer 11 is offered, then right click on the offering and "hide" the update.  (Of course, if one already has IE 11 the upgrade will not be offered; yet do not overlook running Windows Update anyway before proceeding to the next step.)
                • now access Control Panel | Programs and features | installed updates and right click on Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and select uninstall
                • with luck, IE 11 will be uninstalled and will revert to IE 10 (note*)
                • now, after rebooting, return to the Windows Update and run the update.
                • When IE 11 appears, right click and "hide" the update.  As long as the update remains hidden, one should be operating on the IE 10 version (or whatever version existed before IE 11 was installed).  This can be checked by rebooting, and then looking at About Internet Explorer.


                (* As I mentioned: "With luck" as long as this procedure is followed, IE 11 ought to roll back.  Unfortunately it doesn't always work and one finds himself "stuck" with IE 11 unless he reformats.  I'm not interested in messing up my computer anymore...)


                Finally, I am not interested in Adobe's problems with its offered installer, as well as its upgrade  What I have now works satisfactorily, and until Microsoft and Adobe get their acts working together I will ignore all requests for future upgrades on everything.  My computer is due for trashing.  At that time, I will purchase another, free from all the garbage which comes with third-party's such as Google Chrome, Norton, McAfee, Oracle etcetera.


                It boggles my mind, that Adobe places an installer that does not work on the internet, and that one must follow the work-around directions provided by you for the standalone player.




                (p.s. For some peculiar reason, my reply has appeared in Thewebsun's query and not MINE.  Obviously this is a mistake on my part but I will leave it here as our two queries are somewhat related, and I don't have any idea why this happened unless I accidentally clicked on Thewebsun's query which may have been above or below my own query in the queue, and then assumed that the replies were directed to me.  Geez, what a simpleton I can be.)

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                  Thewebsun Level 1

                  Thanks David!

                  It may be here accidentally, but it is useful to me!  I may need your procedure the next time my MS IE crashes!