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    Flash to Flex Migration

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      I'm a flash programmer very interested in flex. My company has asked me to do some research and come up with some reasons why we should begin to implement flex. I've found many reasons online to use flex, but no real direct comparisons to flash. I'm just asking for compelling reasons to use flex over flash (most of our stuff is data driven application-like stuff, so I think flex would be a good fit). Personal experiences and examples would be great.

      Thanks ahead of time
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          While I work for Adobe and am not completely unbiased, I'll give you my personal experience.

          I used to work for a large financial services company. Lots of Java work going on. I picked up Flash as a way to build more interesting web applications, leveraging Flash's remote object capability with J2EE applications (Flash Remoting). I wrote some interesting apps with it.

          When I approached the "architects" in the group, they made a big thumbs-down on it. Didn't matter that the programs were easier to distribute (Flash Player vs. Java Web Start), ran faster (no page refreshes compared to Struts/Tiles), and more interesting to use. The problem was a) ActionScript wasn't has heavily data-typed as Java and more prone to logic problems since it fails silently; b) the Flash movie metaphor - not good for corporate types; c) no easy source code control.

          Along comes Flex. While Flex 1.5 had the same ActionScript 2 issues, the fact that apps could be developed in text editors (ie, eclipse or textpad) since all the files were text and could be stored in source code control systems, and interfaced to back-end systems using simple, standard protocols in addition to AMF (RemoteObject), all went a long way to making the Flash platform more palitable. Plus, for the Java people, standard design patterns. And I forgot to mention - much faster to create apps in Flex than Flash.

          With Flex 2 the ActionScript argument fades away. Now you have a strongly typed language, a much better compiler, and industry standard language. Couple that with the benefits of Flex 1.5 above, and the faster learning curve (no movie metaphor) and Flex fits right into the corporate scene. Not to mention Flex Builder 2 which is built as an Eclipse plugin (we sell it as a plugin and stand-alone Eclipse IDE).

          It is far easier to argue Flex vs Java than Flex vs Flash, but for the Flash developers, you know what lies beneath the surface.

          I hope this sways your decision :-)
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            Peter, thanks for your reply on this. I felt the same way at a previous job. We had this timeframe/schedule that we could pretty much count on. If you gave the project to the coldfusion/flash developers, you're looking at about month for a medium-sized project. The java developers would take 4 months. The oracle ERP group asked for 4 years. Don't ask me why we used so many different technologies, but I quickly adopted the flash/flex platform for the capability to create great UI's and tried to explain it to my java-loving co-workers, encountering the same resistance.