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    Publishing an animate edge package to dreamweaver problems....

    Videomenneke Level 1

      When I publish a animate edge project (for example: animated menu buttons) I get a big gap below this inserted project in Dreamweaver. The gap gets bigger when you make the browserview smaller (to check the page in a tablet or phone-view) I tried this first in a responsive design html.page, but after a lot of experimenting with different settings (without succes!) I tried this on a simple html.page with just a colored div-element below the inserted "menu". Problem is the same.

      I used all the different "responsive scaling" options of the new 3.0 version (CC). Nothing helps!

      When I publish the same project as a "web" export, it works well on the generated html.flie, but just on one page..... Copying the same html-code to another page doesn't work at all. So it is very disapointing for a menu-system created in Animate Edge.

      Another package export problem which I discovered: after exporting a animate package into Dreamweaver it is impossible to export a updated package. You have to remove all the formerly exported animate-edge files. Update for Animate Edge required?