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    Chaos on workstation and servers..help me with file organizing

    kajzica Level 1


      Our workflow is based on PC platform and InDesign. I have many indesign workstations and one file sharing server. Half users make indesign documents with related links (localy on workstations) and other half users use pdfs from this indesigns or prepare text and pict for this indesigns on server.

      Now, after some month on servers and workstations is 100000000000000000 files. 70% is garbage and is very hard to catch what is needed. Many indd have missing links and is hard to find last version of indd. Some jobs have 9Gb and I can find same this job 5x on network!!?? grrrrrrr

      How to make this workflow more organized? Is it on market any simple to use file and document management software where I can define container like organizing? One container, one job and all files for this job is here, no across multipoints.

      People is good in indesign but have very limited IT knowledgbase. I need to make easy workflow for them.