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    Installation never gets beyond initialization...

    davidcash Level 1

      Windows 7 Home Premium

      Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.16476

      Adobe Flash Player (32 bit) version 11.9.900.170


      According to Adobe, I should upgrade to; yet when I attempt (repeatedly) the only step which completes is Step 1 "initialization".  After waiting through several days of similar results (and waiting approximately 30 mins for Step 2 to download) it is obvious by now that the download does not function.  When I click the Help Instructions, they merely imply that I should be seeing popup data from Adobe asking me to permit and to run a program.  However those popups never appear.  When I click, my browser BACK BUTTON as instructed, it merely takes me back to the first encountered page where I am instructed to click the INSTALL BUTTON.


      I have always unchecked the selection for Google Chrome before then clicking the install button.


      I do not want Google Chrome.


      I would like to install Flash Player version (as requested as an upgrade) however if Adobe can not make the installation procedure work any better than it is now, I'd be a fool in continuing.


      What gives?