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    Android Overdrive app


      I have an ASUS Transformer (TF101) running Android. Unfortunately my tablet had a hardware failure and I am using a different tablet, same model. The Overdrive app worked on the first tablet before the hardware failure. Now (on the new tablet), Overdrive gives me the following error:


      "This title has been activated using a different ID. Try registering this device with the ID you originally used to download the title. (Adobe ID Error)"


      How can I fix this?


      (I don't have to use Digital Editions to transfer materials, but the support person I spoke to pointed me to this forum.)

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          OD Support

          Hello clairedelune, We discovered your question/issue on the forum. This issue will need to be resolved by clicking on Help on the library site and clicking Contact support. Provide the error message and your information so that the license for the title can be reset for you. You can also find many other useful articles and videos at help.overdrive.com.


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