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    Drawing/Resizing Boxes Makes Document Window Jump to Lower Right Corner of Screen


      I'm using InDesign CS6 on a Mac. Whenever I try to draw a new text/picture box or I grab the frame of one that is placed toward the bottom of the page, my window (including all the other tabbed docs in it) leaps to the lower right-hand corner of my screen so that only its very top corner is visible. My palettes and Indesign menus stay in place. Meanwhile, the box I was making/editing gets huge and flips upside down. This is driving me NUTS!


      I have tried...


      • trashing my preferences
      • Window > Arrange > Cascade
      • using trackpad
      • using mouse (I don't use a Magic Mouse)
      • Prefs > Live Screen Drawing > Never (it was already on Delayed)


      I'm at my wits' end. I basically cannot use InDesign at all with this problem.


      Thanks in advance...