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    Upon export (OAM into website) images disappear! ?


      In a previous project this happened with all my SVG's which I have since replaced with PNGs. Now I'm working on something new, and low and behold, an imported photo and a simple PNG file are totally missing. It's very depressing!


      It previews as intended, then when I export the file the images are missing. I even did an experiment making a project with JUST images and rudimentary animations and I got nothing showing up.


      In this image, I have a dashed line, and plane graphic (PNG)s. The plane leaves the line in its wake.  They are really small files obviously.

      Screen shot 2014-02-02 at 10.05.53.png

      Next is my header which isn't exporting, although it is in the images folder (that goes for both images btw):


      Screen shot 2014-02-02 at 10.05.37.png


      I have the update! And I'm using Edge Commons paralax scrolling which in and of itself is functioning properly.


      I have had other issues along the way, but disappearing images isn't one of them. I would so appreciate your insights guys.


      Just a couple more details - relevant or not, I'm not sure:


      - my stage is 550px by 2000px with no min or max width selected.

      Overflow is hidden, autoplay is off. center stage and responsive scaling are not selected.


      - I export with the package selected, and under 'web' - host runtime files.. and -publish content as static html selected.


      Thanks guys - your help is much appreciated. I am just absolutely stumped and dumbfounded here! I can usually figure stuff out with a bit of blood sweat and tears but I have read SOOOO many forums already!!



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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi, Cearac-


          I'm assuming that you're publishing for web ?  One thing you can do to check is to go into your publish/web directory and ensure that the images you include are actually in the directory.  Another thing you can do to check is to simply drag your HTML file onto a browser to check to see if you have the appropriate files.  If you're seeing your images there but not on your server:

          • Check your file permissions on your server to make sure they're being served
          • Dump your cache to see if there's not a network problem
          • Open your Inspector (Firebug on Firefox or Chrome Inspector) and check the Network tab to make sure your image is being pulled down


          Hope that helps,



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            elainecc Adobe Employee

            By the way, I just read the title of this post and it says that you're exporting to OAM?  If you're exporting to OAM, what are you importing it into?





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              Cearac Level 1

              Hi Elaine,


              Thanks for getting back to me, much appreciated.


              Yes, I exported to OAM, and uploaded the file into the Wordpress EdgeSuite. I have had success importing a different project, with no weirdness.


              Ok, so I didn't try all of the tips yet but I defintely will (I just don't have access to the files for another couple of hours)


              I inspected as you suggested (why didn't I already?! I have no idea!!), the files are not found on the server of my site. So they either aren't being incorporated into the OAM, or the permissions are weird as you were saying.


              I'm sorry to sound like a noob, but I'm not sure how to look at server permissions, you mean for the actual website right? Not my computer? (my computer is just personal, so it doesn't link to external servers except DropBox).


              Does file naming serve a role in this? As in, when you import a file with an unwanted character in the name, the program says something like - 'I don't like these characters, let's just call it X_Y instead of X y'? Although, I do think that the file names were 'plane.png' and 'planePath,png' - just thought that might be a weird issue!!


              Thanks agian Elaine!! Your knowledge is MUCH appreciated!!

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                Hi Ceara -

                I'm having the same problem that you are describing here.  Did you ever resolve the issue?  TIA!



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                  Hi elaine.


                      I'm having a similar issue where my imagery/animate files aren't showing up in Chrome when uploaded to my server.  When just locally previewing the pages in a browser everything shows up the way I would expect it to, including the typical cross browser breaks.  I followed the steps you mentioned here with the exception of dumping the cache (only because I didn't want to dump this session and have to find this post again first, lol) and I'm still having the issue.  I did notice in the process a lot of the files were set to 644 instead of 777.  I made those changes and nothing happened. 


                  So I checked the network tab in chrome.  There are two files taht are being reported as missing:


                  1. jquery-2.0.3.min.map

                  2. edge.3.0.0.min.map


                  I have checked my local files and the server files and I have not been able to find these.  What are they and should they have been exported as part of the OAM package? 


                  BTW, I imported the OAM into Dreamweaver since I use that for text editor.


                  After I finish this post I'm going to do the cache dump and see if that helps, if it does I will repost shortly to let you know, otherwise please assume that it did not work. 

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                    EWitness13 Level 1

                    ok, after dumping the cache I had to wait about 10seconds for the imagery to show up, but it did show up.  I can't help but wonder why it took so long to load up though as the files are less 36kb with the largest of those two images being 35kb and the smaller of the two being 933bytes. 


                    Any ideas on what could be producing this inconsistancy?

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                      Cearac Level 1

                      Hey Nicole --


                      I'm in the process lol.


                      When you check your images with View Source - check out the path they are saying the images are contained. Mine have been saying they are located in the images folder on my site, which doesn't exist!


                      This has been addressed as a bug on the Drupal Edge Suite and the updated version works well - except for my tiled backgrounds which need to be hand coded and linked to the image locations on the site.


                      Personally, I've manually uploaded the Wordpress DEV plugin (with FTP and all the rest of it), but have not yet made it work properly.


                      Hope some of that rings a bell.



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                        EWitness13 Level 1

                        Ok, one more update to my situation.  I was talking with a friend last night who took a look at what was happening.  Apparently the reason I'm having this issue only with Chrome has something to do with Chrome's strict parseing and it having issues with referencing javascript files locally rather than through a CDN.  This was his explination for why the js.min.map files are showing as missing.  He also stated that this could be the very issue that is causing the images not to show.


                        If this is indeed the case is there a work around that can be done to resolve this issue within Edge?  I'm asking here only because the problem exists only with the assets used in the edge files. 

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                          elainecc Adobe Employee

                          Hi, Ceara-


                          So first of all, you should change those files back to 644; 777 is too permissive and may cause you problems down the line.  I doubt the timeout for the min.map files are affecting the download.  Can you send me a link to your site so that I can run my own diagnostics?





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                            npatty Level 1

                            Ceara -


                            Thanks for the tip, I'll check out the paths right away.  That totally makes sense that is what is causing the error. 



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                              I'm seeing similar behavior with a project I am working on. I think it has something to do with loading edge.3.0.0.min.map from the Adobe CDN.



                              Chrome: Stuck at pre-loader, edge.3.0.0.min.map is 404 not found

                              Firefox: Suck at pre-loader, found edge.3.0.0.min.js

                              IE 11: Animation plays with HTML5 audio, custom font does not load, multiple js files do not load

                              iPhone: Animation plays, no audio, custom font loads



                              Published to .oam and imported to Dreamweaver. Hoasting runtime files on Adobe CDN


                              URL is http://www.wellsdogs.com/wordpress/ No judging me on my half-finished site


                              Any ideas? Does this seem related to Ceara's problem?





                              Tried the same .oam on a different site (different hosting provider) and here are the results


                              Chrome: Animation plays perfecty with audio and custom font, edge.3.0.0.min.map still not found

                              Firefox: Animation plays with audio, font does not load

                              IE 11: Same as before

                              iPhone: Same as before


                              Now I'm thinking it's not a CDN issue, but a server level thing...

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                                Cearac Level 1

                                Hi Elaine,


                                What do you mean about changing my files back to 777? Are you talking about someone else's post? (Sorry if I'm having a moment)


                                This is the link:http://cearacrawshaw.com/2014/02/cv-testing/


                                It's weird, the images are going to the wrong path, but also two min.map things are being weird!


                                Thanks for your help!



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                                  MonkeyGuy Level 1

                                  I was having a similar problem. SVG files were not showing up on my site once uploaded, but worked perfectly locally on my computer.


                                  For me, it was a MIME thing. Or the way the web server reads files.

                                  So I found where I could modify my MIME type settings in my web hosting console and added these


                                  MIME type  -  image/svg+xml
                                  Extension  -  svg

                                  MIME type  -  image/svg+xml

                                  Extension  -  svgz


                                  I then cleared my cache(again), and it worked!!!



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