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    Issues creating vector watermark in CS6


      Hi All,


      Been battling this one for many hours now so hopefully some can point me in the right direction.......... (I'm not particularly cluey when it comes to PS so there in lies the problem)


      A year or so ago i created a vector based watermark using Julieanne Kost's tutorial here - http://tv.adobe.com/watch/the-complete-picture-with-julieanne-kost/pscs5-creating-transpar ent-logos-for-watermarks-and-overlays-in-photoshop/ - I saved the resultant custom shape as a .png file and used it in lightroom as my watermark. Unfortunately I made the mistake of using "2013" in that watermark so now it is outdated!


      I've been trying to create a new watermark (minus the year this time) in CS6 following the same set of instructions. All seems to go well until I select my work path watermark and define as a custom shape. It allows me to save the custom shape but when  I go to use it it only draws an opaque box without text....... the attached picture may explain it better. Top right of the display window is my various text and shape layers used to create the watermark. I managed to group these into one work path but when I define them as a custom shape and then use that shape all that is drawn is the opaque rectangular box below my layers based watermark. Can anyone gice me some clues as to what I'm doing wrong or offer an easier alternative to creating a vector based watermark in the style I've got here?


      Cheers -Liam-


      Screenshot 2014-02-02 21.44.47.png