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    Moving Photoshop Cache Folder


      My Photoshop CS6 Perpetual Cache is on a drive that undergoes backup - I don't want Cache backed up.  I'm using Win 7 Pro 64 bit


      Please, how can I move it to another drive, can't find a way in Photoshop - Edit --- Preferences. I would also like to limit the life of the cache folder to the period of use of Photoshop and Bridge.


      Further, on being invited to upgrade my Applications Manager, Photoshop CS6, Bridge and Camera Raw today, the Applications Manager update failed - I waited 2 hours before stopping with task manager, I know, stupid, but would you risk it? It seems I didn't have Applications Manager aboard and trying to later download and install it, failed. Any thoughts please - I gues it's because I don't subscribe to the new Cloud. Surely the upgrade window should have said something like - "Sorry update has failed"!


      Thanks for all the help in the past and thanks in anticipation for help with these new questions.

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          Curt Y Level 7

          Could be wrong but the cache (history levels) is discarded when you close the image. 


          The AAM is not foolproof.  You can download items manually if desired.

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            cobtramg Level 1

            Thanks CurtY


            I know there could be all sorts of reasons but the Photoshop Cache Folder contents date back to 2012 - maybe I moved it in the past before graduating to Photoshop CS6 perpetual.


            I'll try AAM manually - I'm worn out - over the past few weeks I've upgraded my two 1TH HDD to 1x2TB and cloning from the 1TB drive and then a 3TB drive trying out Win Backup - what a shambles!


            warmest regards



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              Curt Y Level 7

              Are you sure this is not Bridge Cache?  What is location of cache file?

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                cobtramg Level 1

                Hi Curt Y


                Sorry, I've only just realised the difference between Photoshop Cache

                and Bridge Cache. I'll look into Bridge Cache tomorrow as in the UK it

                is almost time for bed


                Thank you for taking an interest in my woes.


                warmest regards


                g;raham davies

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                  cobtramg Level 1

                  Decided to try Bridge Cache before bed - have changed the Cache location

                  drive to J on second HDD which will be the one I'll use to backup to. I

                  also purged the one on the C:\ drive - fingers crossed and living in hope.


                  best regards


                  graham davies

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                    Level 7

                    Photoshop doesn't have a cache, or a cache folder.


                    I'm really not sure what you are referring to.

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                      cobtramg Level 1

                      Thanks Chris


                      I decided on an experiment:


                      Firstly, I opened Photoshop CS6 Perpetual and then went to my 3T Drive

                      J: and there it was, Photoshop Tmp .....   which I think is the  scratch



                      In Edit - Preferences - Performance;  there is a dialogue box for

                      History, Cache and Scratch with Scratch  having a choice of drives - I

                      (me) chose J:. On closing Photoshop ...Tmp disappeared from J:.


                      Secondly,  Bridge CS6 opened to a folder "Churches All" which has three

                      files not in sub-folders - I found  two folders on J:; "256" and "1024",

                      each containing the same three files as  in "Churches All". I closed

                      Bridge but those two folders plus two more; "data" and "full" remained.

                      "data" contains a file(?) called "store",  but "full", paradoxically,

                      was empty.


                      Not sure what the above explains but Bridge does leave a trail of

                      folders/files, as shown on my I: drive back to 2012.  Deleting those

                      folders/files manually does not seem to upset Photoshop, and now, having

                      a huge second drive, I suppose they are bearable but then I'm only a bit

                      more than a casual user. But once I start backing up to that drive the

                      story may be different. It would be nice if the system automatically

                      removed the cache after closing down photoshop/bridge.


                      warmest regards


                      graham davies