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    Problem with JPEG files from Leica M and GPS data

    01af Level 1

      It seems there's a serious bug in Camera Raw 8, hosted in Bridge CS6 on an MS Windows machine, with regard to GPS metadata.


      When using a Leica M (Typ 240) with a multi-function handgrip then both the DNG files (DNG is Leica's native raw format) and the JPEG files out of the camera will include GPS position data in the respective EXIF metadata sections. However, Bridge refuses to display the JPEG files' GPS data (while there's no problem with the GPS data in the DNG files). Worse yet—when loading a JPEG file in Camera Raw for some parametric adjustments and saving the file then the GPS data will be entirely gone! (Again, no problems with the DNG files' GPS data.)


      I suppose that Camera Raw 8 hosted in Bridge CC as well as Lightroom 5 are suffering from the same issue.