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    Cant get rid of black underscore near header


      Whenever I preview a topic, or generate and view it, an _ or a - (not sure which) appears at the top left of the topic, just under the header area.
      If I enter down and leave a few lines when I am formatting, extra _'s appear. Its bugging me cause it is not visible when I am actually working on the topic, but its in every single one when I preview or generate.
      Anybody know what is causing it?

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          CraigCC Level 2

          Are you applying templates to your topics?
          If so, check the header in used in the template that is attached to the topic and see if there are any random characters. That would be my first port of call.

          Also, are you seeing this in the tripane view as well as when the topic is viewed standalone?

          Kind Regards
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            RoboWizard Level 4
            Hi Steph

            In addition to what fellow Adobe Community Expert Craig offered up, I'll toss out something else. Although I can't say as I've ever encountered your specific issue in all my years of RoboHelping, here is how I'd probably approach it if it were to happen to me.

            I'd begin by looking at the lines just before and just after where you see the problem. Actually, select them in the editor. Now, change the view to TrueCode by clicking the TrueCode tab. The nice thing about this, is the selected text is also selected here. This gives you a nice reference point. Begin looking at the underlying code to see if anything is amiss. Odds are, you will make a discovery. However, it can also depend on your familiarity with HTML overall. It may end up just looking like gibberish if you aren't comfortable with HTML.

            Hope you get it sorted... Rick :)
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              Aus_Steph Level 1
              Hi guys,
              Thanks for your responses.

              This is the code from the top of the page to just below where this thing is occuring.
              I am familiar with basic HTML and I cant spot anything that would be obvious, but then again, Im a real amateur.

              I am not actually using anything in the header section, so I tried deleting the header place holder, and the mark dissapeared. However, that brought my heading too far up the top of the page, so in the WYSIWYG editor I pressed enter once. The park re-appeared.
              It does not show in any of the editing, ONLY when the topics are generated into flash or when I preview topic.

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                CraigCC Level 2
                Hi Steph,

                Thanks for posting the code. Three posibilities:

                1. Header place holder

                So when you removed the place holder <!--kadov_tag{{<placeholder id="header">}}-->
                and everything was fine?

                You could try removing it again, but this time, instead of putting in a line break, change the style of the Heading 1 to have the Spacing before set to 12pt (or whatever space you need) and see if the _ or - is still showing?

                2. Background image

                I also have one question about the code you posted. The image that you use for the background ps_help_bg.jpg" - background-position: Right Top;

                Can you take a close look at that image? is there a spurious - or _ in the background image somewhere? If so, you may need to edit and removed the 'dirty mark' in this image.

                3. Template

                You can put a header and footer in a template (so that it is applied to every topic). I noticed that you are using a template Project Stop.htt:

                <meta name="template" content="Project Stop.htt">

                It the points 1 and 2 do not resolve the problem, please can you post the true code from the Project Stop.htt file? thanks.

                Hope that helps.
                However, if you still have problems, I' happy to take a look at the source files if you want to email them. I'd just need the topic (.htm), the template (.htt), stylesheet (.css) and the background image (ps_help_bg.jpg)

                Kind Regards
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                  Aus_Steph Level 1
                  Thankyou for the help guys.
                  One of Craigs answers worked....I had to not use the WYSIWYG editor to move the Topic heading down, as pressing enter was creating the underscore.
                  I edited the stylesheet and made the spacing before the Topic Title style larger, and doing it that way made the underscore dissapear.
                  Thanks again!