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    Mouse not interacting with panels.


      I have CS6 wich I just DL a few weeks ago for school, I use no plug-ins or other add on software. The problem is my mouse will not interact with the panels, (ie layers, swatches, and the such) in InDesign. So far Photoshop Illustrator, and Bridge all work just fine it is only ID that I am having issues with. On the panels I can get it to open the group but it has no interaction with the fine details, selecting layers, double click name to rename locking viewing and open layer options, create new layer button will also not work, I can use the options button at the top right of the panel for some things but it leaves me limited on what can be done. I can not even use my mouse to switch between layers. Any idea on what may be causeing this and what I can do to fix it. (yes my mouse works, it is charged and interacts with other software and games with no problem)