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    How do you store your photos on an external HD?


      Revel recommends storing your files on 1 comptuer. None of mine have enough storage capacity. Only my external HD does. How do I move where Revel is storing the Photos on a Mac to an external drive? I'm a teacher with many different students using the storage and my Mac keeps crashing because of this issue. When I purchased the Teacher & Student version of Revel Premium it was for the unlimited storage capacity. But when I installed and it wanted to have 1 computer to store the files on I'm now running into storage issues on my internal HD. HELP!

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          Pattie F Employee Moderator

          We do not currently have the ability to designate an alternate location to store photos on the Mac. This has been suggested and we are looking into this for a future versoin as we realize that many of the newer macs only have flash memory and that it is limited. If you are runnign out of space, you can disable save originals and  use an external hard drive to back up photos from your computer and other devices manually for now. I wish I had a better solution for you currently.


          I am not aware of any techer or student version of revel, just a free version and a subscription version.