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    How to automatically convert brush strokes to symbols?


      Is there any way to just draw a stroke and it becomes a movie clip symbol automatically? Like to draw it in "a mode"?


      I do character animation in another program then go into Flash CS6 to shade and draw little touch ups over the animation.


      With symbols I'm able to change the opacity (which is the alpha) and I can "Multiply" over animation to create simple shading.


      I can't use Flash to save my life so honestly this is the simplest thing I can really do. So is there any way to make every brush stroke I draw be automatically a symbol?


      I had recently discovered that Flash isn't like Photoshop to where you can set the opacity for layers down and put modes on the layers, so this is the closest I've gotten to mimicking that.


      Don't mention object drawing mode, I thought that made my drawings into symbols but it doesn't? :c