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    Resizing for the web in PS CC


      I am a photographer and using the upgrade trial to PS CC.  In a previous version of PS, I was able to resize images for my clients for web use via the following:  Image Size > and set with the following: Resolution 72 dpi, with scale styles, with constrain proportions, interpolation: bicubic.  How can I get the same/similar output with PS CC?  I see how to set scale styles, and assume 72 pixels per inch.  But what other settings?  FIT TO: custom or original size?  RESAMPLE: Bicubic Sharper (Reduction)?  Any other changes I should be making?  Thanks!

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          Curt Y Level 7

          Apparently the 14.2 upgrade has a bug with resizing.  They are working on fix.  You can type units in the box.

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            Noel Carboni Level 8

            I don't understand your problem.  Exactly what is it you can't do?


            I resize for web imagery all the time.  I'm not seeing any restrictions.


            By the way, I suggest you don't use Bicubic Sharper, but rather sharpen the image a bit heavily at the original resolution (or a resolution higher than the final result) then downsample the image with Bicubic.  That will yield a higher quality sharpness without as many edge artifacts.


            Here are a couple of quick examples of a high detail images done as I described: