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    Objects not showing in Layers panel

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      I am using Indesign CS4 on a Mac 10.6.8. I have a problem with my layer panel --> it does not show a disclosure triangle, hence i cannot expand a layer to show its objects. The objects are definitely on the layer - if I click "select all objects on layer" all objects are indeed selected so technically they are on the layer --> i just can't see the drop down in the layers panel.

      I tried simple things such as enlarging the panel to checking for missing fonts (i read that there are often problems w/ Verdana in the layers panel..) to restoring the preference settings.. nothing worked and i couldn't find a single forum entry on this issue..


      The file i'm using is from a plug-in for a photo book, however, the layers panel does not work correctly even if i create an entire new document..

      In Illustrator it works perfectly, showing all objects and paths on a layer..


      Thanks soo much for your input and help!