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    how to get 100% width in fluid grid layout CC

    Edward T Wilkins

      I'm currently getting to grips with dreamweaver's fluid grid layout and cant seem to get a div to go the full 100% width across the screen. Ive created a div outside of the grid container as a non fluid div, and entered in the CSS myself in code view since Dreamweaver doesnt seem to allow you to add a class or ID to non fluid elements in design view. I have done this and all though i thought i had achieved success i noticed when looking closely in live view and when previewed in chrome that there is still a tiny gap between the div and the edge of the screen. Its very small, but its definitely there. Ive enetered width to be 100% and its definitely not simply 100% width of the grid container as its wider. I just cant account for the tiny gap which seems to be about 1 pixel wide. Any ideas whats causing this gap?