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    Text content within the sprite?

    christian_cruz Level 1
      Is it possible to edit the text content within the sprite, but not in the cast member file?

      Yes... I know..."Once again that damn question!". But, that means that if I have an application (for whatever reason) that needs to change (during its using) the labels of ...let's say 150 buttons, DO I NEED TO HAVE 150 TEXT CAST MEMBERS!!!??? It is not possible to have only ONE cast member and X numbers of sprites that can have independent text contents?

      For example instead of:

      put "whatever" into member("member")

      There is nothing LIKE ?: (ok...ok... I know is flat wrong, but is just an example)

      put "whatever" into sprite(x).member.text

      P.S. Just in case, that last line of code IS WRONG and it does not work, I KNOW IT, but I was making a "similarity remark"