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      i have a swf with some movie clips that used "getNextHighestDepth" successfully.
      then a swf is loaded which contains comboBoxes.... and the depths get all messed up using "getNextHighestDepth".
      when i use absolute depths, then everything is ok...

      will ths lead to problems, if i dont use the component depthManager?

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          Peter Lorent Level 2
          From the doc's:
          If you want to position a component in front of or behind another object in an application, you must use the DepthManager class.
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            yarkehsiow Level 1
            yes, i know it says that, but as of now, my components (comboBoxes) are working fine, even though they overlap...
            the documentation on depthManager is not very clear to me, so i'm not sure how to implement it-
            should i use it for ALL movie clips and components? just components? if anyone knows about this, any help would be much appreciated.