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    Global Mute button (including Stream sounds)

      I have an animation I'd like to add a Mute button to.

      There is background music set to Stream, and two other sound effects (also set to Stream) that occur during playback.

      I've tried various bits of code I've found here and online, but can't get them working together.

      I've basically tried to start the sounds via ActionScripton the timeline, and when the Mute button (a movieclip) is pressed, it sets all their Volumes to 0, and jumps to another frame within itself, ready to be pressed again to restore sound. When the Mute button is pressed again, the Volume can be set back up, and the sound will continue playing where it should, and not start over from the beginning.

      An added challenge is that the sounds play at different volume levels. The background music has volume at 100, but one of the sound effects plays at volume 25. If that makes it too difficult to mute and restore sounds back to their original levels, I can edit the WAV sound effect and reduce its volume to 25% before importing.

      I won't bother pasting any of my code, since I'd rather just start fresh.

      Thanks for any help.