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    Large white or black squares in my pic on display

    Frank1111 Level 1

      I suppose this is some sort of display driver issue, but I don't have it with any other program.  Usually Photoshop CC works fine, but sometimes a picture will load and a large white or black square will appear where part of the picture should be.  It's like the display driver hasn't drawn anything there.  Tonight the entire pic was black.  When only part is blacked (or whited) out, I can usually get the whole pic back by changing scales--but when I go back to the size that had the problem, it re-appears.  If I save the file and view it elsewhere, it's fine.  And if I open it back up in Photoshop, it's fine--or if the problem recurs, it's in a new place. 


      My computer is an 18-month old Retina Display MacBookPro.  16 gig of RAM, lots of free space on the flash drive.  The pictures are about 23 meg shots from a Canon 5D3, and I always bring them into Photoshop from Lightroom 5.  I had the same problem with CS6; now I'm on CC.  I tried some of the troubleshooting steps for OpenGL and driver related issues, but no change.  Anyone know what's going on?  Or how to fix it?  Thanks.