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    Converting a path to selection deselects the path group in the paths palette.

    Emil JaBo Level 1

      Hi, does anyone know how I can stop this from happening. It did not do it in any other versions of PS I have used including CS6. Before when I selected one path in a group of paths, and then hit convert to selection the rest of the paths in the group would remain visible and the group/slot would remain highlighted in the paths palette. Now when I select a path and convert it to a selection it deselects the whole group in the paths palette so they are not visible anymore. When you have many paths in a group and you want to contiually deselect and select paths in the same group and convert to selection and then deselect to convert another path in the group to a selection to then have to reselect the group on the paths palette each time you wish to do this is a serious pain and waste of valuable time. I cannot recollect their being a setting that would disable or enable this feature. Can anyone help?