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    Removing persistent running heads


      Hello all!


         Today I am working on a book that has been laidout in InDesign. I am trying to convert it to a digital publication format, and as such, I am trying to strip running heads since they insert willy-nilly in text because the digital text doesn't follow the same page flows as the print version.


         In this case, I have a master page A that is a left and right page, both of which have a running header, the left with the book name and the right with the chapter title.

         When I go to the master page and delete the header text boxes for BOTH pages, this removes the LEFT page's running heads throughout the whole book. However, for some reason the RIGHT page's running head stays where it is. This is a book that is about 600 pages in length. I really don't want to scroll through 300 pages to manually delete these headers. Oh, I should note that the pages in question do say "A", so the A master page would appear to be applying to them. That goes for both the left and right pages, but only the left ones are responding to an edit of the master page.


      Here is a picture of the before and after situation. In "before", I'm showing you the file as it came to me. The verso and recto A masters both have text boxes with running head info, and the body of the text is in accordance. However, when I edit the A-Master pages to remove these text boxes, only the verso page responds in the body. I note that the text content of the recto boxes is different (each chapter has its own chapter title). However, the format follows the A page as you can note from the Pages panel on the right of each screenshot. So why is it that the recto is hanging around? I've had this problem in a couple of shorter texts where it was quicker just to manually nuke the boxes, but I feel carpal tunnel setting in just thinking about doing this for multi-volume sets and the like. Yikes.

      Running head problemos.png

      Thank you for your advice,



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          Ellis home Level 4

          The persistent running head doesn't seem to come from the master page. You don't see the dotted line below it. Most likely was created manually.

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            Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

            What Ihave seen is, that the running header should never be INSIDE the border line, always outside. The text in the book should start always on every page with the border, best would be to increase the upper border to the blue giedeline. If you fill text into your book the text runs automatically between the border lines and there must not be any other placeholder.



            I suppose that the text frame on the right has been overridden. Should not be.

            But whatever you find on the master page you can ignore when you export an EPUB, only items from the pages are included.

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