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    COMPLETELY removing Context Menu

      Ok... here is the thing. I've searched severals day on how to remove the right click (context) menu from Flash movie. here is my found :

      http://www.flashmove.com/board/printthread.php?t=10350&pp=40 might work but only IE and Netscape... (and it never worked in my IE... and even less in a Geeko based browser)

      The thing is.. I'm currently developping a web application that need a right click menu. I can't say more about the project but if there is any hack or bug... or glitch that can disable this menu (I mean remove it completely....not leaving Setting and About) I would really apreciate. Otherwise, I'll have to add a "right click" button on each of my Tree elements witch is kinda weird and ugly...

      I can accept any possible way....from basic actionscript to hexediting the .swf

      It would be also nice if Adobe (Macromedia..) could confirm if it's doable or not.