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    Why does paragraph formatting change when help is published?

    thuddles Level 1

      I'm running RH11 on Win7 Pro and creating a help system in WinHelp format. When I save and generate my help system and view it from my local drive, it looks fine. However, after I publish the help system to a network drive, any numbered/bulleted paragraphs have been moved to the left...sometimes so far that the number or bullet is off the left edge of the frame.This happens both when I use the Publish command to publish the help files to the network drive AND when I copy the contents of the !SSL!/WebHelp folder to the network location.


      Can anyone explain why this is happening and what step(s) I can take to fix the problem?


      This is urgent!!! I'm on a deadline!!!


      Thank you!

      Tim Huddleston

      Charlotte, NC