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    Generating Assets - Can PS save my PNG at the size of the BG and not the asset only?


      I am using PS for the UI design of a white-labeled iOS app at my company.  I've created several image assets that need to be a specific dimension to work with the developers' code.  I'm hoping to create a PSD that other designers in the company can use to generate our assets quickly.  My problem is, no matter what I try, PS will crop the asset layer to contain only the asset and not the transparent space around it.


      For example, I need an image that is 640x1136 pixels.  My assets is 640x1120 but has white space on the top and bottom.  The developers will not adjust the code to accommodate, so I save the file out at exactly 640x1136.  Using Generate Assets, I can't get the file to include the empty space.  I've tried adding transparent smart layers, empty shapes, and nothing seems to work. 


      Can anyone provide an answer?  My alternative is to save each file manually (over 50) and write documentation for the designers to replicate.