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    How to get to Acrobat version XI document level JavaScript editor

    AKGeo Level 1

      I’m using Acrobat version XI.  In this version how do I enter a document level function that can be used by any other script.  How do I get to the document level Javascript editor.  Please limit instructions to version XI.


      I can get the editor to open for an object level script through an objects properties.  I would like to enter a few document level functions available to all scripts.


      I can get to an XML tagged version of the scripts through the tool set item Set Document Actions>Edit All.  When I enter a script there, it disappears when the dialogue is closed, presumably because it does not have the proper XML tags.  I’m not finding any documentation on the XML tags.


      The API reference is from 2007.  The developer guide is from 2012.  The Javascript Debugger does not seem to accept entry in either the Script or the Scripts areas.


      Is there a way to access the editor for document level functions that does not use the XML tags in Acrobat version XI?  Or, is there documentation on the XML tags that will allow entering document level functions by getting to the editor through Set Document Actions>Edit All?