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    Unable to automatically install Flash 12 over Flash 11 via GPO Software Installation

    web1c Level 1

      We have a GPO software installation to install Flash 12 to a group of Windows 7 64-bit workstations. It works fine on a system that has no previous version of Flash already installed, but when the workstation has Flash 11 installed, the installation fails with an error in the Windows application event viewer saying something referring to installation failed because the previous version of Flash could not be removed.

      If we log into the computer and manually uninstall Flash, then the Flash 12 GPO assigned to the computers works at the next reboot.  If we manually install Flash 12, by running the Flash installation file as the user, then 12 installs over 11.

      I have seen this kind of issue when someone tries to install and older version of flash over a newer version, but I don't think we should be having these problems installing the latest version of  Flash.

      We have to go to each PC and manually remove Flash 11 before we can install Flash 12 and it is too much time and labor to keep doing this.


      What can be done to fix this so that a GPO software installation of the Flash 12 MSI will forcefully replace older versions of Flash without being stopped by this error?