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    InDesign CS6 and Xante Platemaker 5

    P4L Design Team



      We are trying to upgrade from Pagemaker to InDesign CS6 but we're having a problem printing our forms on the Xante Platemaker5 printer.


      Lines and text that are not 100% black are coming out jagged or dotted. Watermark images and images with a drop shadow are very pixelated but other images will print fine. Even if I select a light pantone gray, I get the same low quality results.


      The InDesign forms print out perfect on other printers. The original Pagemaker file prints out perfect on Xante.


      I did try exporting the InDesign document as a high quality PDF and the quality is perfect but when the PDF is sent to the Xante printer, we get the same low quality printing results.


      If anyone could give me any suggestions for fixing this I would be very grateful. The settings we have for Xante are DPI: 1200x1200, LPI: 133 (we've gone all the way to 180 but then that removes the screen).